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utorrent 3.0 http error 404


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I've been using Utorrent for quite a while now and I've got a HTTP Error 404 message too... After reading about this error on multiple forums, I did a quick refresh of the tracker I was originally using and still no improvement... Then I desinstalled Utorrent and redownloaded a newer version and still no improvement,

any help would be appreciated thank you

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I have had the same two problems since updating to 3.0:

1) A red cross for the bandwidth test in the set-up guide; usual error now is 404, but have previously seen 10053 and 10060. Port forwarding also failed at first, but selecting a new port number has solved that problem.

2) Downloads are fine, but uploads have become difficult, particularly with some trackers (DIME is the worst for this, unfortunately). The number of peers can be in the dozens, but I connect to few; and when I do connect, upload speeds rarely exceed 5kB/s, and is often under 1kB/s. Hours can pass without any uploading occurring. Uploading seems to proceed at a better rate when downloading is also occurring.

I have happily used utorrent for several years without problem. I have consulted the utorrent FAQs etc. without success. I realize that it is conceivable that I don't have much that downloaders want right now, but the behavior of my torrents over the past few weeks has been a marked contrast with my previous experience, where I have usually kept seeding new torrents until my ratio reached at least 1.5; now I am looking at ratios after two weeks seeding of 0.1-0.2.

I hesitated contacting the forums with this, but I have noticed increasing numbers of members reporting similar or identical problems, so I thought I'd add my two cents. I actually like the new look of the client, but the upload issue, in particular, has been frustrating.

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