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Bandwidth monitor shows 10-20 times higher upload than utorrent says.


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Hello there. I have looked for an answer to no satisfaction whatsoever. My torrent is uploading at a rate of about 3-5 KB per second. Yet my bandwidth monitor shows about 40-90 per second until I close Utorrent. And yes it is the only torrent I have seeding. And yes that is the only program using bandwidth at all. As I said when I close it the uploading stops as it should. All the limiting options are set as they should be. It could be something in the advanced but I don't know which is why I'm asking you fine people. Please help me out.


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Yo Corebela, I to have the same problem........., have set global limit to 1Kb and network monitor showingas high as 25-30Kb upload speed.

This suugest to me that utorrent is leaching bandwidth in back ground unbeknownst to us apparently. Its probably why you have not received a proper response to your valid query.

In last 10-14 days i have downloaded ( including system updates and other sundry software ) 244Gb and uploaded 21Gb................, now, not sure how that compares to other users, but i hate the fact that the FUCKING software is not doing what its supposed to do.

COME ON GUYS, if I set it to 1Kb upload, then that is the FUCKING MAXIMUM that all uploads can be!!!!!!!!!!!

Will some one from the software creatores/developers please respond to our valid query.

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You see that shit answer you just gave us both there DreadWingKnight, got fuck all to do with reading mind

The only setting of relevance is Global Upload Rate NO????????????

What is on my pc, bullshit speak for a cop-out, wanker!!!!!!!!!!

What use a screen shot, corebela gave one and no answer, you lot must think we do not know hos to use or setup torrent, that is a shit assumption to make, WANKER.

FUCKING treat us like human beings you cunt.

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Whats wrong with this community?

Need i answer this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What is wrong with you?

Are you positively sure you have the exact same problem? Are both of your clients set up exactly the same? Having the problem with the same torrent?

This thread was started by Corebela, you have to come along and hijack it (very rude behavior btw), then use foul language, and expect an answer.

You had DreadWingKnight so upset he accused you of posting a screenshot that you didn't post.

Now, would both like to read this post, and provide the information requested if you don't solve the problem?


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