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i tried everything, i don't know whats going on :\


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hi guys, i'm out of ideas, out of solutions and out of will...

i never had speed problems in this pc with this isp, yet, last June i decided to format my pc, after that my speed with utorrent was never the same again, between June and now i already tried every guide and information here, changed some OS (mine is WinXP SP3) based settings with TCPoptimizer, changed my halfopen connections to 100, and even formatted my pc again and tried everything else again from scratch with clean settings and optimized ones... it just doesn't work

my problem is, some torrents, not all, download at between 20 to 50kb/s, they are full of seeds and i even had two friends of mine downloading the same thing as i and while they download at 3MB/s and 2MB/s (the max for their connection) i don't go higher than 50KB/s... these torrents are completely normal, like movies and whatnot, what's strange is that this never happen before i formatted my pc back in June, i was used to download at maximum speed (1MB/s), the only torrents that don't give me problems are anime related torrents with far less seeds than these torrents that give me problems

i think i can say i'm tech savvy so just give me some ideas that i can try, if you need more information just say it

my settings right now are:

uplimit: 92

globalcon: 200

peersperTor: 60

slotsperTor: 6

outencrypt: ON

numofTor: 1

halfopen: 4

My connection is 10Mbit / 1Mbit

Default windows settings (just formatted my pc again)

half open connections at 100

EDIT: i forgot one more symptom i didn't have before, now when i'm downloading one of these problematic torrents i'm constantly getting disconnected from my teamspeak server

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Yes i'm behind a router, but not a firewall (portforwarding is obviously done)

@DreadWingKnight, disabled uTP and i didn't notice any different, but disabling the router firewall does look to improve the speed, i need some more time to confirm this, i'll report back later

EDIT: so far everything looks okay, at least as far as speed goes it seems to depend on the number seeds again, so i would say this is solved, thx DreadWingKnight

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