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Speed and priority


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Hi guys

I have two quick questions - apologies if I have asked in the wrong place :)

First thing, is it possible to prioritise downloads by there number automatically?

I am downloading about 80 files each in seperate torrents. My internet is quite slow as I live far away from my telephone exchange. My max speed is consistently 120KB/s. At the moment, I have uTorrent set up to download 3 files at one. So what happens is that 3 files download at approx. 40KB/s - kind of like uTorrent is sharing the bandwidth between the 3 downloads. Is there any way to get uTorrent to download the top torrent at full speed and then any extra bandwidth to be used on torrents underneath it?

This leads me on to my second question...

To resolve my first question, I have tried to only allow 1 download at a time. Now if I have a torrent at the top that has say 2 or 3 seeds uploading at 10KB/s together, i'm essentially wasting 110KB/s.

So all-together what I want to know is, can the bandwidth be used primarily by torrent number 1 unless there is some left over which will then be used by torrent number 2,3,4 and so on? And can torrents be automatically stopped if there's no further bandwidth?

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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