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moving .torrent files


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hey there forums,

im having trouble getting utorrent to move my .torrent files. not the actual downloads, the actual torrent files (.torrent, theres been some confusion about that in other forums)

i went to prefrences>directories and set up the appropriate folders i want them in, however, it will not launch, move or delete the .torrent files. im using multiple OSes, (win xpSP3, 7 enterprise & 7 home), but im getting the same result on all. the one constant i have, is i use chrome, and by default it downloads to the desktop. i always launch them by clicking them on the bottom of the chrome window.

id really like to save all the torrent files, i think it would be like a kinda cool archive. but i dont want to have to move them everytime. i even wrote a script to move them for me but it'd be nice for utorrent to do it.


Win7 Home 64bit & Enterprise 32bit

utorrent 3.0 (built 2460) [32-bit] on all computers.

directories ive tried to save in:


C:\Users\Theodore Rosavelt\Documents\torrent files

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