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utorrent not connecting to anything


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Hi, I've been running utorrent for a few years, and at the beginning, I never had a problem, but it would occasionally stop working from time to time as I used it more. Now when I go on it, it doesn't work at all. My roommate is having the same problems as I am. I'm running windows 7, and utorrent 3.1. In utorrent, the bottom right corner doesn't have a green check or a yellow icon, it's just blank. I can still click it and get the speed tests up. Sometimes the speed tests work, sometimes they don't. Like they don't connect to the server, and in a few hours, they will connect to the same server. In the bottom, it will either say DHT: Waiting to log in, or DHT: 0 nodes (login). None of my trackers connect, and I have tried adding a bunch that people said were up in other threads. In the trackers, it says DHT waiting for announce, Local Peer Discovery, working and it has 1 Peer. Peer exchange working, but 0 on all. The trackers either say offline (timed out), connection closed by peer, or No connection could be made because the target's machine actively refused it. It will stay like this and I cannot connect at all. This happens at home and at my university, and I have been able to download from both before. I have tried at all different times of the day. I have tried disabling DHT, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling utorrent. I have tried removing and adding an exception to my firewall, I have tried torrents from all different sites. I have peer blocker, but I disabled it, and it didn't fix anything. I tried restarting my DNS client. Is there anything else I can do to fix it? Is there anything else I should put here? Thanks

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What firewall?

Windows firewall, the one on my computer. I know a little about computers, but I am by far not an expert. Is this a sufficient answer, or do I need to look further? Also, I have an ethernet outlet in the wall of my dorm room, and I'm guessing it goes to some router, but I don't believe I have access to it or its settings.

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There you go then. University issued internet. Most likely blocked by them.

It also happens at my house, and it used to work here. Other people have it working right now. It will sometimes not work for days, then start working again, then stop again. Also, it says I have a few kBs uploaded and a few MBs downloaded, just in an hour, but without any torrent connecting. I don't know what was uploaded or downloaded. I deleted all my files when I reinstalled it.

EDIT: got a green check in the bottom right for about 30 seconds, but nothing downloaded, and then it went away.

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Followed all those steps that applied to me, still can't connect, all trackers say offline timed out or connection closed by peer. Well almost all of them. And the green check keeps getting there and leaving afterwards. Any other help? Anything else I need to show you?

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hi this worked for me .. pass it on ..

this is a copy from a site not mine so credit to the author who ever you are.

Re: Any BitTorrent clients that can bypass an ISP block?

I seem to recall a program that will hide torrenting from your ISP, but unfortunately I don't recall the name.

Try Google something like "torrents hide isp". you should find it.

Here found this...

Hide Torrent Traffic in plain sight.

Iana Port 989, designated for FTPS (Secure FTP) is handled by isp routers as steady encrypted streams using both TCP and UDP.

To add onel level of under the radar to you torrenting, enforce encription (even oncoming) and make sure you use dht. DHT generates UDP traffic to look like FTPS control data and the TCP streams on the TCP side complete the set so that unless further analysis is done your traffic is logged as if it was secure file transfers. Save it for the ones that you don't want seen and leave some of the basic stuff that they can't give a crap about on some high port. When the network admins start building lists of people that are in the heavy P2P group, you aren't there.

The Points:

1) Logged so that at first look, it's not obvious it's P2P.

2) Internet router streams weighted for continuous data transfer.

3) Low ports (if your firewall is good for it) are just cool.

4) If your ISP shapes P2P traffic, this UN-shapes it.

5) Tested for a year on three ISP's ...

And this...


utorrent bit torrent

1. Go to: Options > Preferences > BitTorrent

2. Go to ‘Protocol encryption’, you can choose between ‘enabled’ and ‘forced’. ‘Enabled’ will give you more connections but offers less protection against traffic shapers.

I would recommend to try ‘enabled’ first, if that doesn’t increase your speeds you need to swich to ‘forced’.

3. Ticking ‘Allow legacy incoming connections’ allows non ecrypted clients to connect to you. This improves compatibility between clients but makes you more vulnerable to traffic shapers.

I would recommend to tick this box, but if that doesn’t increase your speeds, untick it!

utorrent bit torrent

That’s it, your BitTorrent traffic is encrypted now.

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