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Torrent Continuously Stalls at 43.9%


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A specific torrent I'm trying to download basically stops downloading at 43.9% completion. Here's the info

- 39gb total size

- 17.1gb downloaded

- Download speed of approx 800 kb/sec, until it hits 43.9%, then it drops to 0.1kb/sec

- Seeds: 0 of 0 connected (0 in swarm)

- Peers: 12 of 28 connected (6 in swarm)

- Upload speed of 300 kb/sec

Before posting this thread, I made sure uTorrent was setup properly (using the guide), and I used glasnost to ensure no ISP throttling. I even deleted the entire torrent described above and restarted it. The second time around, it downloaded at 800 kb/sec but again basically died at 43.9%.

What's a guy to do?


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