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Bombarded by DMCA notices?!? WTF?!? HELP!


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I've been using uTorrent for years now, but only the basics, never really a power user, so I still consider myself a newbie so be gentle, this might be a dumb question!!! :P Don't worry, when I download, I'll seed well past 1:1

Anyways, last week, I downloaded a torrent, everything went fine. Or so I thought. Because of all the legal problems surrounding downloading lately, and with dozens of comments on actual torrent sites claiming DMCA notices, I decided to go with StrongVPN. But last week, after downloading and seeding the file, I closed uTorrent. The next day, I received about 4 emails from my VPN saying they were notified about copyright infringement, and i had to view and close 4 support tickets, all exactly identical, except for the Notice ID, Timestamp, and Last Seen, making it look like I had illegally downloaded 4 different files! Please see... (I took out filename and personal #'s obviously)

Notice ID: 22249292991

Asset: [name of movie]

Protocol: BitTorrent

IP Address: 123.456.789

Port ID: 12345

File Name: [name of file]

File Size: 1470765166

Timestamp: 2012-03-15T23:52:18.68Z

Last Seen Date: 2012-03-15T23:52:18.68Z

StrongVPN will never give your info to anyone, but they did warn me, saying they may disable my account if I continue. the first was at the time shown above, the second about 2 hours later, and rest only a minute apart. SERIOUSLY! 3 came in within a minute of each other, all with different time seen and timestamps. I had all 4 notices before I even knew what was going on! Anyways, I figured the fact that I wasn't seeding or downloading anymore (uTorrent was closed) I would be ok. Just to be safe, I changed any and all filenames, and relocated them to their new homes.

Yet the very next time I turned on my computer and connected to the internet, I received 2 MORE NOTICES! I mean, COME ON! It seems like they are going through my computer hunting for these files!

I stayed off for a few days (was really busy anyway) and switched said file to a removable hard drive just to be safe. The next time I went to download something, I ended up having to stop before completing the file. All I had was the .torrent file, a .txt, around 87% of a .jpg, and about 46% of the actual .avi file (duh, useless). I received 3 more notices, back to back, for a file I didn't even actually have!

They cannot get my information because of Strong VPN, and I can't be kicked off of my ISP because they aren't the ones getting notified, but I CAN get kicked off of StrongVPN. I am really kind of clueless as to HOW they are accessing my files, and what I can do about it! It seems like a GROSS invasion of privacy! I really need help, because I am very worried! I feel like I'm being gunned down by a peeping Tom- like some creep is watching me take a shower through a hole in the wall... lol...

Sorry for running on, and THANK YOU in advance for any and all suggestions! I was thinking about PeerGuardian, but from what I have read, you need to know which IP's to block and which not to, and I really don't know how to figure them out. Someone also suggested PeerGuardian may do more harm than good due to the fact that the people hunting us also use the list, and plan accordingly? Is there any way to stop this? I mean, come on! They are finding files on my computer when I am not even connected to P2P, sending me notices back to back, LITERALLY a minute a part, making it look like multiple offenses! This can't be legal, and there has to be something I can do. The one GOOD thing about StrongVPN is they show me the exact complaint they get, including which Port ID.


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Quick side note- every port number in the complaints is different, meaning they accessed my computer from 4 different ports in as many minutes (?)

Also just noticed that the IP number is different in each complaint as well. StrongVPN has dynamic IP's so it is different each time I connect. If that is the case, how in god's name are they accessing my computer and finding these files?!? I find it very hard that they are tracked, they came from demonoid.me from a very reliable uploader!


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BonnieNClyde, they aren't accessing your computer.

Once your ip (or your VPN providers IP) connects to the swarm of a torrent, that ip is listed for anyone and everyone to see.

Because your VPN provider keeps logs, they can match your login time with the dynamic IP they assign you.

My recommendation is use a VPN provider that A. Doesn't keep Logs, B. isn't in the united states. C. doesn't require Proof of who you are. and D. is P2P friendly.

Google: torrentfreak vpn provider and spend a few minutes reading.


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Hi IFar, thank you for your response! I can see where you are coming from. I did check out torrentfreak's VPN guide for anonymity, and I am kicking myself :) I was torn between BTguard and VPNS, and went with VPNS because it was rated better overall, and was praised on many sites. VPN does log timestamps, but I didn't think that would be an issue (was I wrong!! lol) But they do not require any personal identification, in fact the name, address, phone, etc. is pretty much Jane Smith, 123 Main st. Anytown, USA. Whichever snoop is sending VPNS notices, and they are emailing me letting me know, forwarding me the info that they had received. My issue is that I am getting notices when I am NOT connected to any P2P at all, meaning they found files on my computer while I was not allowing P2P. Here are the timestamps. I realized also that this was a file I had downloaded over a month before, and never had a problem until that day. Now it seems no matter what I do online, P2P or not, I'm getting stalked! lol... Those A-hole snoops made it look like 4 different files, with 4 different Notice ID's, different IP's and ports.

2012-03-16 10:11

2012-03-16 10:10

2012-03-16 10:09

2012-03-12 08:45

I even closed everything which could be used to access my computer: uTorrent, SSH, remote management, remote login, file-sharing. Basically, my VPN received DMCA complaints about them finding files while I am not connected to any swarm. How is that possible? I seriously changed all my settings, closed any and all programs which could potentially open my computer to a snoop, turned it off. Within 5 minutes of me turning on the computer the next day, with the current settings in place, I got warnings. I will definitely be switching to BTguard, but I still don't like the idea of someone creeping around inside of my computer, regardless of whether I can be identified or not. Plus, I would like to identify the person/company doing the snooping! lol

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