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BUG: Download not starting after large number of completed torrents


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I have close to 1000 completed torrents listed in utorrent. I have been experiencing issues with utorrent lately where I would download a torrent file to my Downloads folder, which would get auto-added by utorrent (I see the growl notification). However, the torrent would not auto start.

So I tried manually adding the torrent file, yet the download still does not start. It doesn't even show up in utorrent after the add. It's as if no torrent was ever added.

The workaround I have found is to remove the "completed" torrent files to reduce the number and the downloads start working again. However, I'd like to see if this issue is really related to high number of torrents because it doesn't happen consistently. But whenever it happens, removing some completed torrents always seems to fix it.

I'd be happy to assist in helping debugging this issue. If you need me to provide any log files or anything let me know.

Hope you guys fix it soon! Thanks.

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