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Utorrent is constantly asking me to either debug or close program


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Whenever I'm trying to do anything on my uTorrent this window keeps popping up and it is not letting me delete the old version nor install a newer version

It is giving me the following error signature:

AppName: utorrent.exe AppVer: ModName: utorrent.exe

ModVer: Offset: 00090242

And then there is a massive text file with it....

Till last week all was ok, what is the matter and what can I do?

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I tried checking if it was working, but it wasn't when checking the task manager.

I deleted the file from the program files folder, and tried re-installing it again, but when I double clicked the downloaded software it gave me the same error straight away, without even opening the application...

Any other possible ideas what I can do?

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Delete all the settings from %AppData%\uTorrent and make sure no process is running.

I tried to find this folder but I cannot... is there a way to find it through the cmd command window?

Any way I go, I cannot re-install this application as it is still telling me the same thing...

I click on the EXE file, and run it, but it pops up another window with the same problem...

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