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cannot connect to http or udp with proxy and opendns?


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So.... I have been struggling to get my torrent client to connect with a proxy. Would work fine without proxy but would fail every time with a proxy. After doing everything I could to trouble shoot (by pass router, disable firewall reinstall utorrent, try different torrents (http and udp) it would not work.

I then remembered that I use openDNS.

Remove that and it works!! WTF?

What does the DNS servers and torrent have to do with each other?

Any way to make them both work? Any solid reason i should have openDNS? I used it so my ISP could not see my web pages i go to. does this matter?

Any other "openDNS" service I could hop on to?

What is TOR? Will he help me at all?

Here is some screen shots of utorrent.

All settings inside utorrent remain the same. Only changed my DNS settings.

This is utorrent WITH openDNS. Will not connect.


(link if you cannot see http://s215.photobucket.com/albums/cc217/rosskimball/?action=view&current=utorrentnotworking.png )

This is utorrent WITHOUT openDNS. Working fine.


(link if you cannot see http://s215.photobucket.com/albums/cc217/rosskimball/?action=view&current=utorrentworking.png )

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What does the DNS servers and torrent have to do with each other?

DNS (Domain Name Service) is the way that useragents (including BitTorrent clients) find their way around the Internet, if they cannot find any DNS servers to ask the way, NOBODY is going anywhere.

TOR is a rotating proxy system, sort of ok for anonymous browsing, but piss poor for torrents, because each time the proxy rotates to another host your external IP changes and ALL peer and tracker connections have to be re-negotiated.

I find using Google DNS servers works well, the IPs are &

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