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Column Width dragging option in Add New Torrent Window Missing


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When I open a torrent file with utorrent, a Add New Torrent window open but I can't able to view the the full name of long file name because there is no column option with their name so that I can drag them to adjust the width of a column to view full name of a file content in a torrent and then select whatever particular file I want to download. So please add Column dragging thing in utorrent's Add new Torrent window. Follow this link to see the problem in image : http://www.flickr.com/photos/87978814@N07/8049737459/


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Update to 3.2.1

I upgraded to v3.2.1 (build 28096). There is now a column width slider(?) on top. However, when I double-clicked on the column width slider to show the long file name (longer than the display box) , the file name column disappeared and the box only displays the file size column. Afterwards, I found out that this was because the file name column "shrank" to the point where the column name disappeared and also the file names below it. Only the file size column was visible. However, I eventually discovered that I could drag the slider by positioning my mouse at the leftmost portion of the column name.

But the column name shouldn't have shrunk in the first place when I double-clicked on it!!!

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