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I've used uTorrent for a few years now and love it.

I just did a re-install of Window$ XP.

I just read the sticky on best practices and applied what was relevant to me.

I'm using version 3.2 Build 27886.

#1. I have (or think I have) uTorrent to place the downloaded files into a folder I have named "Completed."

But just lately it's putting the unfinished files into my "Completed" folder before they have completely downloaded. How do I make uTorrent put only completed files in this folder?

#2 Also its placing a torrent file in my Completed folder. I don't want this file in there but I don't know how to stop it from doing this.

I have messed something up somewhere. :/

I respect and appreciate you guys a lot and have always been able to depend on you for help.

Thank you for your time.

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I think this is somethings that's gotten bugged. For years, I've had uTorrent dump completed downloads in 1 folder, downloading .torrents iin another, and the the .torrent files themselves in another directory.

In the past month, my uT server @ home dumps currently downloading AND completed downloads in the root folder (eg; E:\Torrents instead of E:\Torrents\1_Completed and E:\Torrents\2_Downloading). Seems my uT server @ work exhibits the same behavior.

I have NOT tried a reinstall of uT yet (dumping everything in 1 folder is irritating, I just haven't gotten irritated enough yet to try and fix it :P ), although I do keep installing the beta updates every chance I get. May have to roll back to the stable release line.

Eh, clicking the mouse a few times is SOOOO much work ;) I'll just deal :D I AM curious as to whether this affects other people as well though?

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