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Infinity symbols help


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I am new to the forum so i'm not sure if im putting this in the correct area but i am looking for some help.

I have currently have 5 downloads going which all have infinity symbols which remain unchanged since last night. I have done a speed test and tried to set the speed guide to the suggested speed but it says there will only be one active download. I am registered to a couple of sites where i have to keep building my ratio so infinity symbols probably aren't great for that.

I was wondering if anyone who knows anything and everything about utorrent set up would mind maybe doing a remote assistance thing with me to see the situation. Each time i change something about it my downloads get worse, so if someone takes a look and knows what's wrong then i think that would be better. I would very much appreciate the help. :)

Thank you


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Do you mean the speed guide? It's set at (Current Settings) at the moment, 5 downloading, 5 seeding, but the speed tests i've done vary and come out at 46.1 or 47.0 or 46.8 or 46.3 kB/s, are those quite bad? Each time i try and set them on the guide it tells me only 1 download will be active, which doesn't seam right to me. It's all a bit confusing to me really

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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