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Chrome crap

toolbar junk

home page hijacking


featured torrents you can't get rid of

How many hoops do you expect people to jump through to opt out of before you get that this stuff is just going to drive people away?

For one, you definitely need to remove the "ultra light" from your advertising. Right now utorrent is using as much RAM as Internet Explorer.

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"home page hijacking"? Toolbar junk"? If you pay attention during install that won't happen.

Yeah but the checkboxes are not part of the installer itself.

1) they are on the download page in a f*cking half invisible box that shows up AFTER you hover the download button.

2) it wont show at all if the user has disabled javascript

It is intentionally "designed" this way to trick users into installing that crap on their computers.


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In case #2, if js is disabled, the installer will merely show the offer like before.

Oh, ok. I did not try that. But the installer should always show the checkboxes (they can be pre-checked) if it's going to install additional software. Installing them without any notice during the installation process is wrong. But I already explained that.

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I am really disappointed by the poor programing in the utorrent installer.

Why have you created different installers?

In the installer i downloaded there was no option to not install malware.

Spending time on configuring different MSI/exe files in not the best way to treat neither users or your own time. You should rather focus on your product, as a consequence I will definitely not recommend utorrent to anyone. Telling users to reader better is new low level in reply from a administrator.

On the positive side, you do actually reply to these post.

However inconsistent and arrogant.

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In the installer i downloaded there was no option to not install malware.
There is, you probably missed it.


I too am not a fan of this sort of thing. I actually support in-application advertising more than I do the installation of toolbars, home page changes, etc. No program should even "offer" to do those things.

I don't represent uTorrent/Bittorrent in any way -- but another option, that I use, that at least prevents installation of ANYTHING, no matter which installer you download (!!), is to use a portable installation.

With uTorrent, this is as simple as copying the uTorrent installer to a directory of your choice (this will be your install directory). Rename it to uTorrent.exe if necessary. Copy your settings file to that directory, or if you want a fresh install, create a blank file with the name settings.dat. Create shortcuts to this uTorrent.exe if desired.

Now, when you run that copy of uTorrent, it will automatically SKIP installation, including it's own installation, since it has a settings file in it's own directory. Any time you want to update your uTorrent version, just copy the latest version of uTorrent.exe into that directory and it will "be upgraded".

To get rid of in-application ads and such follow the advice already given (it's in the advanced preferences).


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