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Upload Speed pegged at 1.1MBps (8.8Mbps) on a 100Mbps/50Mbps pipe


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So I have a pretty rugged setup at home. It is a business class dedicated and guaranteed 100/50 MegaBITS/s pipe (12.5/6.25 MegaBYTES/s).

This goes through a dedicated FirePass Firewall, through a Google Box as a router, through a 8 port dedicated gigabit switch, to the NIC of the torrent-heavy computer. This computer also hosts quite a few domains. When I download using uTorrent, I get 5MBps (MBytes) down no problem. When I use an FTP upload external to my network I can achieve over 5MBps with a file transfer. So with overhead it has to be more. But basically, my network is capable of pumping out 5MBps easy, that's 40Mbits/s.

However, uTorrent no matter what I change the connection settings to, keeps the maximum upload speed around 1.1MBps. The uTorrent CPU is a few percent. The disk activity is high, but well below the read speed of the drive.

So my conclusion is that there has to be a setting somewhere in uTorrent that is has to be enabled for higher speed uploads realizing that a large up-pipe is rare. All the guides I have found on here seem to be for people with really crappy connections. I haven't found a high-speed connection guide.

Any first places to look?

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Nobody has any ideas?

I have tried all sorts of settings. I have tried settings that favour hanging on to lots of connections and keeping inactive ones to boost speeds which didn't really do anything. I also tried settings that limit connections and circle through them faster. I have tried upping disk caching, pretty much all the settings in the advanced area. All I have done is made it worse.

Does nobody know how to setup uTorrent on a good connection with a good backbone? The software is the bottleneck, all my other server processes are low bandwidth as the majority of them are served right from the 12GB cache RAM of the outbound traffic router with only a few pings internally for SQL and dynamic content.

Since I started messing with it, the speeds became erratic:



Disk Activity is higher on one disk than the others, but well below capacity. Sitting around 7MB/s disk IO which sounds about right for uploads, downloads, overhead, and other system usages like the Berkley project. Well below the hundreds of MB/s the system is capable of.


Network traffic is about 62Mbps which corresponds with the Disk IO activity + System RAM activity + overhead and other streams. Again, well below the limits. The number is total traffic, in and out, so the guaranteed minimum my network is capable of is 150Mbps (100Mbps down, 50Mbps up). I want to see the outbound traffic somewhere between 3MB/s and 5MB/s sustained which leaves ample overhead for HTTP requests.


And then uTorrent. From a fresh launch, after it froze on me because of me fiddling with settings I probably shouldn't fiddle with (and was warned not to fiddle with...).


I am convinced there is a setting in uTorrent somewhere that limits the speed. It is too convenient for multiple people on fast connections, with fast machines, and actual commercial/industrial server backbone equipment to throttle to the same speed...

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