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Stability Continues To Plummet With Newer Versions


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I don't mean to be rude or anything, but when I updated to 3.2.2 I started having stability issues with utorrent. It would freeze for a few minutes when I tried to start a new torrent, if I leave it alone it will unfreeze and I can go about my business. With the newest update to 3.2.3 the matter seems to have gotten even worse. Now utorrent freezes when I first start it, and at first my torrent list is completely blank. Once again, after a few minutes it unfreezes and all my torrents magically reappear. Learn a lesson from Firefox, and take care NOT to bloat the software. As I look at my task manager, (I'm running Windows 7 Pro btw), I see that uTorrent is quickly reaching 80,000K RAM and climbing. uTorrent is touted as a "(very) tiny bit torrent client". This is very quickly becoming untrue.

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Running 3.2.3 on Windows 8 Pro with all updates. This thing is running completely fine as long as I'm on the PC. When I go out, every time I find it freezed (not responding) after I come back. This is beyond annoying. More than 10 freeze in last two days.

What the hell is wrong with you people? uTorrent used to be the LIGHT, FAST and STABLE.

I will be permanently switching to something else if this is not fixed by 3.2.4.

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Any errors being logged before the lockup?

No error msg from windows or event viewer.

Since the utorrent freezes entirely (if it is minimized to tray, it wont even restore), not sure how to view any error.

One thing to notice is the lock up only happens if I run torrent(s) and go away. No problems if no torrent(s) is running.

I do have windows power profile configured to turn off hdd and using 1800MB cache set in utorrent to minimize hdd usage. Have 16GB ram (100% tested; 0 errors).

Switched to 3.3 #28583 right now. Have to run much torrent to verify if the issue persists or not though.

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using 1800MB cache set in utorrent to minimize hdd usage

How to guarantee crashes in one easy step.

Can you explain?

I do not have super speed internet but do have reliable power and lots of memory. I'd prefer utorrent to use RAM more than hdd.

It takes an hour to download 1G on my connection. Makes more sense if uT can consolidate the read/writes on hdd.

Minimizing hard drive usage by increasing the cache size actually causes the drive's lifespan to decrease because it needs to spin up and down more often.

I am aware of that but it is much less significant than the drive age and failure prone drives will fail within first year issue.

I have always used aggressive power saving options for HDDs and for past 10 years, I have only encountered two hdd issues. Both of them are brand new hdd <3 months (WD Black 2TB, Hitachi 2TB). My 20GB hdd is still functioning properly. It went thru lots of improper power cycle let alone spin up/down.

Does it happen with:

HDD NOT being turned off, with same cache?

HDD NOT being turned off, with smaller cache?

HDD being turned off, with smaller cache?

Really PITA to test. I'll try the combinations. First with automatic cache.

I can confirm that the error does not happen while seeding.

Only during download + afk.

I'm saying afk; not inactivity. Because even when im at the computer, I mostly interact with my C: (ssd). Not the one uT is using. So HDDs do power down often but that didn't freeze uT even once.

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Can you explain?

uTorrent is a 32-bit process.

On windows, a 32-bit process will crash the instant it crosses the 2GB ram usage threshold.

At that cache usage level, there is a VERY high chance (read: bordering on guaranteed) of crossing the 2GB ram usage threshold.

Cool. Haven't thought about the crash from this point of view. 1800 is the max value the cache field is allowed to take.

While I am not exactly sure, I think the RAM usage (shown in task manager) was ~1.2GB during crash.

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