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Not connecting to seeds?


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I'm on version 3.2.3, was also seeing this under version 3.2. I'm using 64 bit Windows 7.

Torrent I'm looking at right now:

DHT - 85 seeds

Local Peer Discovery - 0 seeds

Peer Exchange - 185 seeds

4 trackers - two show 0 seeds, other two each showing over 140 seeds

Actual download - seeds/peers 0.196

Download speed - after some tweaks here and there, I'm getting way under 100 kB/s. I have an 8 megabit line at home.

No other downloads/uploads currently running.

Why is the number of seeds so low? I can't recall exactly but I'm sure in the past I've never seen such a crazy low number on seeds/peers when number of available seeds is so high.


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I don't know what swarms count is or how to get the number.

But this is almost beside the point because this is not an isolated incident. I'm seeing this on all torrent downloads in the last couple of weeks - number of seeds is now always 0.x no matter how many seeds are indicated.

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with a ~5:1 ratio of peers to seeds and a and a ~13:1 connected ratio, the down speeds are not going to be great, unless the seeds have a lot of connections and (fast) upload slots per torrent set and/or allow_same_ip is set true which they apparently don't.

On the plus side though you DO seem to have plenty of connections and upload slots per torrent available for 64 peer connections to be made to one torrent.

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