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DHT transfer totaling buglet


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I am running version 2.2.1 but it should be simple enough for anyone running a current version to see if this is still the case...

uT was running for several days with DHT active but no active torrents. Status line shows a couple kB/s Down and several times more kB/s Up. No big deal, everything working normally...

Similarly, the statistics at the end of the 'Dump DHT buckets' log output are as expected

Received: 32919790 requests (2.93 GB), 706137 replies (189 MB), 19169 no quota (1.85 MB), 113747 invalid (16.2 MB)

Sent: 1491192 requests (146 MB), 32900621 replies (7.85 GB)

ie DHT sent data is 2-3 time larger than received data (about a month into current run)

However, I just noticed that the Help -> Show Statistics Uploaded Today and Downloaded Today values are the reverse of what I'd expect given the above DHT stats and no torrent traffic. ie Downloaded Today is several times larger than Uploaded Today.

I can't tell if this reversal carries through to the other 'Show Statistics' values (my total running time is almost 1000 days and several TB xferred).

Hey, I said it was a buglet ;)

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