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I know this question has been asked a dozen times over (I couldn't find a recent post concerning the iPhone), but has anyone requested that uTorrent be ported to the iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod? That would be the biggest app on iTunes if they had uTorrent for the iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple. Or maybe they don't have to go through iTunes, and just have people download it from their site. It SHOULD be simple, since the uTorrent file, for Windows at least, is very small. I know I will be hammered with remarks, but please be king! :) The reason I ask, is because I just upgraded my Verizon LG phone to a NEW iPhone 4, with iOS 6.0.1 (I know that the iPhone 4 isn't the newest, but who will complain when it was given to me FREE because my contract with Verizon was up a year ago! :) ) about three or four weeks ago. I'm still discovering how to use it with the FREE apps that are available for the iPhone 4 on iTunes! :cool:

Thank You.

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Torrent applications aren't allowed in the official iOS store. Unless that changes, an iPhone app will NOT happen.

Okay, that answers the first question. Now what about having the iPhone app available for download from your site only? Then you won't have to worry about Apple! People will find a way to get uTorrent to thier Apple portable device. They can't stop you or even attempt any legal action against uTorrent. Just like the people who came up with the idea of unlocking and Jailbreaking their Apple portable devices. Apple THINK that they have the final say what to do with THEIR portable devices, they try to, but it against the law, or at least in the US, to have a monopoly on things.

Once you purchase your Apple portable device, you can do with it what you want. You MIGHT void the warrantee of your Apple portable device, but people who want uTorrent will hopefully know that. Again, uTorrent is NOT doing anything illegal in creating an app for the Apple portable devices (iPhone), uTorrent will just be one of thier third party programs. Apple knows that there are third party programs that they don't endorse, but they cann't stop them from developing thier programs.

If, uTorrent is an open source program, why doesn't someone take the open source code and develope it for the iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.?

I'm just possing these questions, not for just an arguement point, but from someone who sees one thing going on and saying to myself, why cann't uTorrent or someone else do it? Do you think that they (US government, hollywood, music studios, etc.) are going to stop people from torrenting, or making DVD/Blu-Ray copiers? I DON"T THINK SO!!!

I, personally, know of one such company who makes a very good DVD/Blu-Ray copier, which I've been a registered user of for the last five or six years, called AnyDVD, AnyDVDHD, CloneDVD and their upcomming Blu-Ray copier , tenatively called SLYCE. They are the most reliable software company I've ever seen in the last twenty-eight years since I've ever had a computer. They listen to their users, they take commnents/requests seriously if allot of people request for a certain feature. And, almost on a daily basis, at least one or more of the programmers answers the questions in their user forums. They have at least thirty (30) installation languages for their programs, and they have at least one or more translators translating into their language. I think that allot of people know who I'm talking about, no it's not DVDFab, but if you really want to know, just PM me.

The people who create uTorrent are doing an increadible job, and I don't mean to take offense to my request(s), but they should really look into what I've said here today. I would hope that someone from the uTorrent developement team could read this and make any comments. I'm still learning how the iPhone, iTunes, iPad, iPod works, but it really looks like Apple has a monopoly on the hardware we (I) purchase. I wish everyone at uTorrent and in these forums a safe and happy New Years! :cool:

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