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utorrent.exe ?


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Having recently installed an older version of utorrent, the client doesn't appear in my installed programs list, found via Add & Remove Programs.

Not that it really matters much to me, except for the fact it never installed any shortcuts in the start menu, quick launch bar, or desktop, so I wasn't sure how to actually open up, or start the client.

For the past few weeks I've been relying on the addition of new torrents, or rather their magnet links to auto-open the program. The only utorrent shortcuts I've located, open the installation sequence, not the client.

Believing I finally located the install files today, in my user application data folder, I discovered some BTAPP files. If its among these, I'm still not sure which one exclusively starts the client.

Thanks for any insight.

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If guides ask for info, provide it before I have to ask for it.


Didn't mean to put anybody out, as I assumed there were only a few likely default shortcut targets.

Having previously searched "shortcuts", what I found was apparently more users concerned about skinning, and customizing how they look, than any disclosing "where" they look.

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You are replying/responding to a signature NOT the post content.


Smarter than the av-er-age bear! Boo-Boo

Son of a...

Prior to posting, I read some threads, and actually "saw" your signature, and thought to myself, " geez this guy's sig totally fits these nucklehead questions, I better think twice before post mine".


Screw it, I'd rather deal with no shortcut, rather than the hangups of the latest version.

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