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file>Relocate +active download +Append .!ut to incomplete files; Fails


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uTorrent 3.2

Noticed in this situation:

Options>Preferences>General>Append .!ut to incomplete files (checked)

Single file torrent (no folder specified in torrent) - I have not tested torrents with folder specified, but I assume it is irrelevant.


(1) Make sure Append .!ut to incomplete files is enabled.

(2) Start a torrent.

(3) Wait for the file to be created on disk

(4) Select a file in the file pane for the torrent

(5) > Relocate >

(6) Enter a new filename, with file extension (you can leave the folder the same)

(7) Wait for torrent to continue and disk to be written to.


Two torrent files now exist for the file. One with .!ut at the end, and one with the file's original extension only. Both filenames are the new name you selected in the relocate step. The file being written to now has .!ut at the end. This is a new file that does not contain anything that was downloaded prior to the Relocate. Stuff downloaded before the relocate is in the file without .!ut at the end! (This can be verified with some file shuffling and Force Re-Checks).

Apparent Failure:

When the file is ReLocated, .!ut was not added back to the name even though that option was selected.

Expected behavior:

After relocate, the file still has .!ut at the end and all new writes go to the new file that was relocated instead of creating another file.

Other info that might be relevant:

When I started this torrent, which was a single file torrent with no folder specified, I renamed the file to a name without an extension by accident (I was intending it to be a folder name). So the original filename on disc for the torrent when it started downloading was Filename.!ut instead of Filename.Extension.!ut I used the relocate feature to change the name and to add the correct extension.



edit: made subject better describe the whole problem

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Now on 28705

I'm analyzing this. At first I was going to report that it had been fixed, but I followed somewhat different steps so I wanted to make sure. Now I am seeing a different problem with repeated relocates... aaah... I will first try to duplicate this exact issue. Thanks.


let me report what I did do and the result. It makes me think so far that the issue exactly as I described it still does exist, and that there is also a different but related issue. I'll also start from scratch and edit my post again absolutely confirming that my original report still applies step for step.

This time I:

(1) Started a torrent containing a single file with it's own file extension. The file was in the root folder / no folder specified in torrent.

(2) While starting the torrent I renamed it to "test1" (no extension)

(3) After 1 block finished downloading and was written to disc, the file was created on disc as "test1.!ut" as expected.

(3) I then PAUSED the torrent (I did not do this for my initial report.)

(4) I relocated the file to "test1.mkv" and the file was renamed to "test1.mkv" on disc. May or may not be OK depending on what uTorrent does when it resumes..

(5) RESUMED the torrent. The file was immediately renamed to "test1.mkv.!ut" Yay! (Note my initial report did not include pausing/resuming the torrent, though.)

(6) After another block finished downloading, it was written to the same file correctly.


So far so good, with this modified procedure...

but I continued:

(7) I *think* I Paused the Torrent (not positive)

(8) Relocate file as "test1" again (no extension). File renamed to "test1"

(9) If I had paused the torrent in (7), I resumed it here... Otherwise all steps taken on active download. But in any case, .!ut was NOT added to the torrent name.

(10) Relocate file (without pausing) as "test1.mkv". FILENAME DID NOT CHANGE: it's still "test1" (with no file extension) My change did not apply to the file on disc at all, although the torrent's file list correctly lists "test1.mkv" now.

(11) After another block finished downloading, uTorrent created a new, second file on disc under the expected name "test1.mkv.!ut", and all prior downloaded blocks are left behind in the old file.


Following the steps I posted in my initial report - without pausing or resuming the torrent - the problem exists and is exactly reproducable in the current stable build.

In EDIT1 I also saw an additional issue when I continued to relocate the file that may have had to do with some combination of pause/resuming for some changes and not for others, but I'm guessing that might reflect a different symptom, harder to reproduce, of the same issue.

Without pausing and resuming now, continued relocates to new unique names, with or without file extensions, all keep showing the same problem with the file being renamed without ~ut, and a new file being created with !ut with the next disc write.

- LT

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