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Yet Another DHT Failure


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- I have no security, antivirus or firewall software installed.

- I do NOT use PeerGuardian nor any other filtering method (no custom ipfilter.dat, etc.)

- Windows Firewall is disabled at every level.

- The TCP and UDP ports are being forwarded by the router. The UPnP made port forwarding entries made by uTorrent do appear in the port forwarding table as active.

- uTorrent network test claims that port forwarding is working properly.


- I have tried also setting my PC as the DMZ.

- I have tried manually setting up port forwarding.

- I have checked to ensure that the router's outbound traffic policy is "allow all".

... and still, DHT is always "waiting to log in" ...

I have tried the "Clear Peer List" option. I have tried deleiting the .DAT files related to DHT in uTorrent's AppData folder.

... and still, DHT is always "waiting to log in."

... and uTorrent "can't contact update server" either.

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I have found a solution to dht: waiting to log in with utorrent and BT guard. I went to BT guard and they explained how to log in properly:


When I first joined BT guard they did it for me. When I went to my network I could see BT guard. I re-installed windows in my computer and BT guard was not there anymore. When I went to utorrent I could see BT guard in my proxy and I thought that everything was perfect. Not so! If you see it in your network then you are protected. I had been trying to find a solution for this for days now. This is not a utorrent problem that is for sure. I hope that this can help some people. I removed it from utorrent preference, connection at first and then I put it back in. It works well without the proxy.

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