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Speed and file size Issu with HMA?


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I met with a problem yesterday I am using HMA and uTorrent together and downloaded 3 GB movie.I have following issue.......

1-Speed decreased as compair to normal download,so what should I do for speeding up downloading ?Should i use proxy?

2-Got mail from HMA that you can't download heavy file by using HMA.Is there any setting for uTorrent for downloading heavy file when we are using HMA?

Need reply ASAP.......

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But when I am using proxies in place of HideMyAss,have problem with speed.Googed few forum about this issue ,I got most of the reply about setting in uTorrent,but didn't get that setting.....So finally I have postted here.

Now can anybody tell me about setting with HMA or Proxies to speed up uploading /downloading?

Its urgent I can't work in original IP or with single IP long time....and I think uTorrent is the best application to work in network fluctuation?

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