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As it say;
Maybe, but you are using terms that YOU know what you mean and unless you use the correct names to explain what you mean you may as well be writing it in Aramaic or Sumerian script

torrent 'likes'??? what is a torrent 'like'?????

If you are talking about the job list

So how do I get them all back,
read the migration guide.
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Now this is getting silly and personal; and you have not read the posts and have read the spelling mistakes as mistakes and not the literal word E.G..

I will break my question in to small pieces and it should help;

1. 'As it say;' should read 'As it say;' and this is a reference to my first post on this problem

2. "Should the update actually have done this?", your reply

I will tell what if you are as dense as you make out, I will use another torrent engine an stick this one where the sun does not shine.

A pissed off ex-member of this forum :mad::mad::(:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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