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All torrents are endlessly waiting in the queue unless I force them


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I was using uTorrent without any problem since yesterday morning. Yesterday I installed a fresh Windows. Now uTorrent isn't working alright; the torrents won't start normally, and I don't understand why.

All of the listed torrents are waiting in the queue:


But if I force them to start, they run normally:


My queue settings:


My connection settings:


My test results:


Technical notes:

My local IP is

I opened port 5011 for uTorrent in the gateway.

I disabled Windows Firewall service, and there is no other Firewall software running in my system.

I tried disabling Comodo antivirus; no good.

In my last system, in this same PC, uTorrent was running OK with the same port/connection/modem settings.

Previous OS: Windows 7

New OS: Windows 7

It is same with uTorrent 3.3 and uTorrent 3.2.3. There is no difference.

uTorrent 3.3 is running in my second PC alright. That is also connected to the same gateway with similar port settings and same uTorrent settings.

Can you please diagnose this problem for me. Ask any information you need.

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Main window, status bar please.

Status bar said "Stopped by user interaction."

The status bar message made me remember I activated the new setting shown below which came with version 3.3.


After clearing that "Stop transfers on user interaction" check box, it turned back to normal.

Actually it is a very good feature, but it stops all torrents even if there is a tiny mouse move.

I leave uTorrent running when I'm doing paper works, other jobs, etc. My power management system turns off the monitor when there is no user interaction for a small time period. So, it will stop all torrents whenever I want to look at how it is progressing, or when I look at time, or when I look at my mail notifier icon in the system tray.

I will turn off this feature for now until the developers make it a little more smart.

Thank you anyway. My problem is solved.

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I saw that setting in the Preferences a few days ago, and wondered about it.

What exactly is the point of it? Is it designed as a way to maximize uptime for people on very limited connections, i.e. "only download when I'm not using my computer" ?

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