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Server-client model for µTorrent


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Hi µTorrent Team

I have been using Deluge (switched from µTorrent) for the past year but I always wanted to run µTorrent because it felt good to run a torrent client developed by those who invented the BitTorrent protocol. I have to admit that as much as I liked Deluge for its server-client model, I have not been able to seed as well as I could in µTorrent.

The only feature in µTorrent that I miss is the server-client model. I have a Server PC dedicated for torrent activity and I would have liked it others in the family could use their own PCs to add new torrents to download via the Server PC. This was possible in Deluge. Quassel is another program for IRC which has this same server-client model.

µTorrent Server for Linux is a step in the right direction (at least in terms of naming the application). Currently, it is only possible to perform remote web-based management. I wish that it was possible to connect µTorrent Clients to this µTorrent Server.

While web-based management solutions such as µTorrent Remote and WebUI do serve the purpose of remotely managing µTorrent, they are not ideal solutions for the desktop because web-based management does not offer Explorer integration such opening .torrent files from Explorer etc.

I hope this request is one day considered.


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