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uTorrent will only download one torrent


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So I just rebooted my computer and reinstalled uTorrent. It was working perfectly before the reboot so I just applied the same settings now: 5 active torrents/ downloads, unlimited upload and download while downloading, limit to 50kbs when not and 4kbs once seeding goal of 100% is reached.

however, with the new install, and I have installed twice, the torrents are loading but the first one that's loaded is downloading fine but the others are just stopped. They cant connect to seeders or peers and you cant force start them or anything. Once the first one finishes, the others that were inactive, still remain inactive and have to be loaded again to start.

I have no queueing issues and i should have a maximum of 5 active torrents. I have tried with anti-virus off (trend) and it still wont do anything. I have restarted the computer and restarted utorrent but its not doing the trick.

i google it and there seemed to be others with the same problems but no solutions. Cntrl + G and changed settings did not fix the problem


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