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Web seeds doesn't seem to work..


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So today i started using web seeds on my torrents, but i doesn't look like they are working...

I was testing it like deleting file, opening torrent file, and download was successfully, but it doesn't look like other people connected to my torrent can download it with that speed. When their connected to my torrent, it looks like they are only downloading with my poor speed (50kbs), its kinda like its working only local...

At first, problem was that i forgot to put link on web seeds while creating torrent, so no one was able to download with that speed, then i created another time, and downloading again, link was there automatically...

I don't see what is the problem, i tried with many hostings (currently using 000webhosting) and none of them were working, it didn't even download for me...

Can someone tell me what is problem, here are my files http://mateoklc.netau.net/ if u could try to download something and tell me do you can, i would appreciative that.

And if someone know some free hosting that should work, please tell me, thanks!!!

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