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Cannot connect to peers


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Whenever I try to torrent, my client times out when connecting to peers.




Any suggestions would be great. I used to be able to torrent on my connection and recently rebuild my computer and have been having this problem since.

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Do you think it's possibly my ISP messing with me?

I think my ISP has done something as well. I've been downloading softs for ages and nothing. One day, I downloaded Resident Evil Director's Cut and turned out it was a CD Image. Anyway, I got an Email from my ISP telling me whomever owns Resident Eil (don't recall the company offhand) and reported I violated copyright by downloading the torrent. Mentioned the torrent and all. So, I think it's cut me as all I get now is connecting to peers, but never does. Seems I read about having the problem with utorrent 3.3 and I'm going to revert back to previous version and see what happens. In the meantime, if someone could help me out in case this doesn't work, I'd appreciate it greatly.


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