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Streaming plays videos way too soon


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I was wondering what kind of effects these have on streaming? Is there a FAQ?help file somewhere that explain what these items do?





It seems to me in messing around with it that setting "streaming.min_buffer_piece" to something like 5000 (default: 5) controls the number of pieces to buffer before playing and "streaming.safety_factor" to 500 (default: 110) makes things stream more or less smoothly from start to finish, otherwise it only vaguely streams things, which is useless.

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a 2 second google of "utorrent advanced settings" gave me a page


streaming.failover_rate_factor: Unused

streaming.failover_set_percentage: This option sets the maximum size of the failover set, expressed as percentage of the total number of peers.

streaming.min_buffer_piece: This option sets minimum number of pieces to hold in the streaming buffer.

streaming.safety_factor: This option ensures download rate is faster in % than the calculated rate needed.

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