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Extremely slow upload speeds


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Good afternoon,

I've just started using utorrent, but am getting extremely slow upload speeds on all my torrents, even though the download works great. I've worked through the online setup manual and the setup guide in the software itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Version: 3.3 (build 29544)

Status circle in bottom right hand corner: Green

Windows Ver: 7

UTorrent Setup Tests: all good - upload should be 784 kb/s, dload 2.5 mb/s, utorrent reports that the port is open

I connect to the internet through a router - haven't touched anything on the router yet because the Utorrent test says my port is open and the downloads have been working just fine.

(Also, I previously had bitcomet installed, but uninstalled it today).

UTorrent preferences:

Connection Tab:

Port: Set to 37408

Enable UPnP Port Mapping: On

Enable NAT-PMP Port mapping: On

Randomize port each start: Off

Add Windows Firewall Exception: On

(No proxy server or privacy settings turned on)

Bandwidth Tab:

Max Upload Rate: 0 (which I understand to mean unlimited)

Alternate upload rate: not checked

Global Download Rate Limiting - Max download rate: 0

Global Rate Limit Options; None checked

Number of Connections - Global max: 400

Max Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent: 90

Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent: 5

Use Additional Upload Slots if Upload Speed <90%: Checked

Bit Torrent Tab:

Everything turned on except "Limit Local Peer Bandwidth"

Protocol Encryption set to "Enabled" (turning it to "Forced" does not seem to solve the problem)

Allow incoming legacy connections: Checked.

Torrent in question: I've been testing my upload speeds using the Open Office torrent, as this has a high number of seeders and peers.

With it, I get a download speed of 271 k/s, but an upload of only 0.3 k/s

Seeds: 8 of 11 connected (8 in swarm)

Peers: 0 of 29 connected (0 in swarm)

Share Ratio: 0.00

Under the "Trackers" tab, it says DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange are all working, but there's a failure on the client because of the key ("Your clients key parameter and the key we have for you in our database do not match").

Another torrent I've been downloading has the following specs:

41 k/s download, no upload whatsoever.

Seeds: 4 of 4 connected (6 in swarm)

Peers: 0 of 7 connected (1 in swarm)

Share Ratio: 0.000

(I kind of get the impression that it's my failure to connect to any peers that may be causing the problem?)

In this case under the "Trackers" tab, it says that DHT, Local Peer Discover and Peer Exchange are "Not Allowed", while the connection to the individual tracker is listed as "Working".

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Hi all,

Thank you for your help! I'm not sure what's changed, but my uploads seem to be working fine now - averaging around 60 - 70 kb/s. (Both for the ubuntu as suggested and the other torrents I've been trying to use). Thanks again!

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