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Start, pause and stop buttons gone?


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Ok, first of all, I have already searched around the forums: general, troubleshooting, bug reports, etc, and I couldn't find a single mention of this. (Maybe I'm just terrible at searching).

So, I upgraded uTorrent to 3.3, build 29544, after uTorrent asked me to. (I think it's the first time it did, but I'm not really sure. My previous version was most probably older than 3.2.) So, after upgrading, I see that instead of the start, pause and stop buttons, there is an ad with a featured torrent. I'm ok with ads - it's a free program after all. But where are the buttons? Am I the only one who found them useful? I find it incredibly uncomfortable to have to right click to start/stop downloading or seeding. I know it's no big deal, and I know it's probably just me overreacting here, but seriously, why were they removed? I find it even more surprising that my forum search didn't return anything related, either.

Is there anything wrong with my settings? Is there a way to get them back in 3.3? Otherwise I'd like to go back to whatever version I had before, but I can't find installers for previous versions. (Again, it could be I had version 2.x, the buttons were removed a thousand versions ago, and now I'm the only one complaining). If there's any other possible solution, or none at all, please let me know.


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