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bug in parsing trackers in some torrents


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I have no idea if this bug has been fixed in the 3.x fork of utorrent but it's certainy persisted throughout 2.2.1 and earlier versions... Again no idea if the torrents are in some way out of spec or not but other clients must be able to parse the trackers as when the tracker layout is manually adjusted to be utorrent friendly thousands of peers suddlenly apear as the trackers are able to be parsed and contacted.

the problem stems from torrents that do not double line seperate their trackers.

The following works:



The following does not work unless edited manually to apear like above:



I realise the developers care not for 2.2.1 anymore and likely will not fix the bug in 2.2.1 but just in case the bug still exists in the 3.x variants, it should be easily fixable even if double-line spaced trackers is the official specs and single-line spaced is a resut of some broken or poorly enforced UI on torrent creation... it does not break anything in reality to cater for both, that is assumin g that the latter utorrents still cannot read such torrents trackers.

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