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Please help me! I un-installed Utorrent by accident.


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I downloaded it again and the torrents download at less than 10kb/s.

It's the normal stuff that I used to download like movies and TV series episodes.

All my torrents used to download in less than 15 minutes. But in the new Utorrent I downloaded, none of the torrents I have downloaded are even close to completion.

It says it will take days/weeks and It's just 1 episode I want to download.

It's from the same site and the exact same torrent as before with the same amount of seeders and leechers..

It says it will take 3 days to download 1 episode which has a lot of seeders... It used to take like 5 minutes. Wtf?

How do I fix this?

Should I download an older version of Utorrent?

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