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Will uTorrent flag fake torrents?


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Sometimes I get fake torrents.

I'm not sure what's the best way to deal with them. To avoid trying to download them again.

If I remove from utorrent list and remove torrent and remove data then I could find myself downloading the same thing again.

Sometimes you actually get exactly the same thing even when the name is slightly different. The hash is the same, though, it turns out.

Must I keep my own list of these bad hashes or can utorrent be used to help somehow? I note it asks me why I'm deleting when I delete.

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A torrent client just ask for pieces of data, it can't see what it contains.

Best is to learn how to get proper files, check if something really is released before jumping the gun.

Read comments, don't get compressed files, like 1 file movie, unless a real release.

Doesn't asks for surveys or passwords.

Doesn't take a genius how to download correct, just common sense. :)

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Are your suggesting I don't have any common sense or was that just a lack of common sense?

If not the latter then we should perhaps have a face to face discussion.

What would you have seen on this listing that would indicate the torrent was no good?


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Haha, this was fun...


- Single rar files: Didn't I tell you about rar files and passwords? That torrent had both.

- Filetype and size: It's not an audio book. First, it's 20 MB.

- Passwords: The rar contains a password-protected PDF-file, they were kind enough to let you see the contents at least.

- Shady sites: I've never even heard of that site before, it's like infested with all kinds of nasty links.

- No links directly to .torrent and/or magnets: You need to choose to download from the Torrage link on that site, else you'll get lots of toolbars installed with the .exe it wants to download.

There's no need to use compressed files with BitTorrent, at all, ever. It's like a Kinder Egg, without the chocolate.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Please come back when you've learned how to do it properly. :)

Edit: That might take a while, since the first time we told you the same thing. That was 7 years ago, in your first thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=16562 [ Corrupt .Zip - Availability 99.3% - Availability zero - What to do? ]

Single files <300 MB of size shared as a multi-part .rar file is a pretty likely suspect of being fakes.

...and even if they're real, they're easy to corrupt as you have to have 100% to use it.

Learn from this and it will work out fine.

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I don't know that's where I got it from. I simply picked that off the google hits for the hash as an example.

You're enjoying yourself no end and I'm pleased to see it. Like any clown laughing his head off he reveals himself (herself?) in numerous ways as he does it.

I remembered that post from seven years ago and during those seven years I've downloaded hundreds or perhaps even thousands of files with an extremely high percentage of good files thanks to practicing the cautions mentioned in Switek's posts.

The same as I've made hundreds or maybe thousands of posts with an equally - or even higher - percentage of adult, sensible, intelligent, happy and friendly replies.

But, just as with the torrents, sometimes there's a bad day and a miserable piece of crap sneaks through.

What I asked about was keeping track of these bad torrents, when they do happen, and that hasn't been answered.

I'd like to confine the thread to that topic.

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Ok, a little tip you can use that I do myself, for different reasons.

Stop the torrent, use a label for it, maybe: FAKES.

You can even rename it, e.g. adding an * before or after the name.

Remove the data from Explorer, you want to keep it in µTorrent.

That way you can keep track of them. :)

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