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Damaged pieces marked as downloaded...


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Had to stop torrent and force recheck over 5 times and files inside torrent are still corrupted. So i start again and again it is 99.6% - 99.8% done. Then it get completed but for real files are corrupted. uTorrent did not check integrity of downloaded piece because it state 100% done.

How to force utorrent to check piece before it will mark it as downloaded successfully?

I realy don't want to manually recheck torrent all the time. I would like to set uTorrent to redownload damaged pieces until transfer is successful. Even if it means 100 times to download a single piece for a successful download.. :P

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check your hard drive for errors.


yeah i did that long ago, no errors detected that would show error or warning... smart status is ok, short scan tests were all ok

But it could be sata controller or ram...

If ram then win7 would bluescrren sooner or later but it run stable 24/7 for 2 weeks now.

So my guess is on sata controller making too much errors or some other thing on motherboard.

Finding what is the source of errors is not what im asking in this topic.( but would be happy to know :) )

I would like to find a way for a better checking/error detection from uTorrrent if an option exist so that i don't need to run recheck manual as i do it now.

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Any hash fails reported in the log, or in the info tab? There is no way to "make it better" it suold always check the hash perfectly. If not - it's wither a bug, or your local issue.

So uTorrent already check hash of piece in RAM, then it will write it to hdd and then read it from hdd to check if file was written successfully ?

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