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I have noticed recently that, for any torrent uploading in Utorrent, only one peer appears to have the U flag for uploading the torrent. The others usually have the u flag. Is this a feature of Utorrent, or is it likely to be a condition set by my provider? I would like to increase the number of peers with the U flag per torrent.

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I find now that I can highlight the lines, but there are so many now. I'm not sure how much is relevant.

I have included the first page only. There are 25 more pages.

Logger window for torrent Original Sin

[2013-06-05 10:20:18] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:18] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:4137:9e76:3cac:e26:98ea:d6dd] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:26] [uTP](Original.Sin.Divx3.2001): [uTorrent 3.3 (26.0)]: Send PEX: 0 added/3 dropped

[2013-06-05 10:20:27] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:41] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:41] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:4137:9e76:2088:17f:4d7b:d0d4] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:44] [uTP](Original.Sin.Divx3.2001): [uTorrent 3.3 (26.0)]: Disconnect: Timed out

[2013-06-05 10:20:46] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:46] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:9d38:6ab8:34b0:1891:86c9:c9d8] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:47] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:20:47] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:9d38:6ab8:34b0:1891:86c9:c9d8] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:21:06] Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2013-06-05 10:21:11] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:21:11] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:9d38:6ab8:be:d239:4d52:1a40] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:22:02] [uTP](Original.Sin.Divx3.2001): Disconnect: Peer error: offline (timed out)

[2013-06-05 10:22:43] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:22:43] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:9d38:6ab8:1028:2468:3f57:ff59] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:22:46] Extension: ipv4:[] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

[2013-06-05 10:22:46] Extension: ipv6:[2001:0:9d38:6ab8:be:d239:4d52:1a40] for 'Original.Sin.Divx3.2001'

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