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Torrent programs locking up computer


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Hey everyone!

I've always used uTorrent as my go to program for downloading torrents, but about 2 months ago or so, when ever I opened it up at some point in time it would lock my computer and I would have to hard reboot. Some times it could be almost instant, some times it could be 10-30 mins, hours or it might run smoothly for the next 24 hours before it locks up, but at some point its going to.

So, I downloaded this other program called Tixati to see if it was just uTorrent causing the problem and at first, it seemed to be working fine (other than the download speeds really sucked) but eventually it started to happen as well. Random lock up's when ever the torrent program was open. If I didn't open either of these I would have no issues what so ever.

So, does anyone have any idea's what could be causing this and how I can go about fixing the issues?


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Okay, wasn't sure what Media Indexer's was so I googled that, don't believe I have anything along those lines. Closest I found was this thing called Pando Media Booster, NO CLUE what that was because I know I didn't install it. So that's gone.

As for Security software, I have none. I'll run online scans from time to time, but that's as far as I go with them. System resource hogs is what those are.

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Media Indexer's

Are applications such as iTunes, Windows media player etc. that 'like' to take 'ownership' of some file types and block access to everything else while they are "inspecting" them.

hhmmm. In that case, I do use iTunes but I've always used them and windows media, that thing sits there collecting dust cause no one wants to use that piece of junk. :D

I've removed a couple of other programs and i'll see what happens with those, if still no resolutions then i'll remove iTunes and see if that helps fix the problem.

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