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can't install utorrent


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I seem to have a problem with utorrent. It starts when I tried to use utorrent, but it would freeze when I start the software.

So I told myself, maybe if I delete it from my computer and download a new version. So I tried to uninstall it but I couldn't. I went in Configuration Panel (not sure of the name in english sorry), Programs and right-click, Uninstall. So it would be done the right way. But it would just do nothing. I went into the Task Manager and deleted the utorrent processus, but I could just start over again with same result.

So I used Wise program uninstaller and could uninstall utorrent.

So, this is done. But now, I wanted to install it back so I came here (utorrent.com) and downloaded the freee version just as usual. I open the .exe file, it asks me what language I want and I click OK. And then... nothing! Nothing happens. I can go in task manager and delete the task again but even if I try again, it just does the same.

So, please, can anyone help me?


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