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Integer overflow Torrent Rank


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As you can the in the picture there's kindof an integer overflow on the rank of the torrent, and the two elements are in reality the same torrent but the named wasn't disclosed because it's mutable.

The procedure to get the bug seems to be.

1) Open a torrent from a website with a navigator so that it's stored in a temp memory

2) When utorrent prompt for what file you want in that torrent, close your navigator

3) Normally you shouldn't be able to validate the prompt in utorrent because the file doesn't exist anymore

4) And if you reopen the same torrent from the newly opened browser without canceling the already existing prompt in utorrent

5) When you accept the second prompt, 2 torrents will be add with the same name, one will be stop and can't be deleted it will also have a huge rank ~

Not sure that's the exact procedure, but this happened to me and that's funny =)

Edit : v3.2.3 (b28705) i386

See ya,


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You cannot report a bug WITHOUT declaring what version AND build you consider the bug to be in.

It is not an "integer overflow" it means the number assigned to the failed load is -1, == 2147483647 in 32bit signed binary, and the '#' column does (obviously) not allow for negative numbers.

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