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What is the trully number of seeds?


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Hi guys i´m an old user of Utorrent and I love it......download fast, with no problems etc...

after finish my couple of downloads i usually keep my torrents for at leats 1 or 2 months with out deleting them. Just those that has fewer then 10 Seeders....But some of my files that im seeding for a long period let me say something about 3 months still continue with (0 or 2) seeders they just can´t grow up....

something is wrong....

some one can answer me how to discover the real number of seeds that are actually seeding in that moment?

Thankxxx a lot guys

Joao Paulo

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Man...im sorry but your answer was too vage....let me explian better....i have some files that i have keeped them fro a long long time.....but thay never updated the number of pc´s that are seeding the files....the number should grow accordingly with the time passing.....i dont know something should be wrong! cause im keeping some files that i already have in my backups on dvd´s just to avoid eliminate the unic source to download that in some cases the utorrent shows 0(0) why that happens?


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when i have 0 (0) seeders that does not mean that have just me seeding that file?

Yes that's exactly what it does not mean.

in this way we never knows when we can or not delete that especific torrent throught out our torrent list....

If you want to base the decision on active seeders, no. I asked the very same question because I was sure I had seen connected seeds when seeding, but after running some tests with several old clients I proved myself wrong.

that does not make sense....at all!
It does from the point of view of connection counts.

The rule of thumb I use is if the download was only a couple of days and the ratio has not gone over 20%-25% during download, nobody is downloading from my client, so seeding those jobs is just wasting my resources.

But if downloading took several weeks or more and the ratio was relatively high, they stay seeding until download drops to zero.

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