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API set 'seed_ratio' bug


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First of all thanks for a great software!

I found a strange bug which troubles me:

Right after adding a magnet torrent to uTorrent through the API, I want to add several parameters to the torrent like a label, several trackers, but also the wanted seed ratio and seed time. This is done in one go with the action=setprops API call. Now the strange thing is that all parameters are accepted by uTorrent and are followed up, except the 'seed_ratio' parameter. This is set to 0 instead of the provided ratio. If you then set the ratio again, with the exact same API call, it does work. Also, if I add a long delay before the API call it does seem to work, but for large torrents this delay needs to be significantly long. Can this be fixed? E.g. accept the ratio immediately just like all other params?

Thanks a bunch, cheers,


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