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As i have understand. Web seed will help us seed the file without we opening the utorrent to seed. If this was correct i want to know some instructions to do or create this web seeding (You can post the link and i will have a look)

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If I'am wrong
You are.
I want to know that is there other possible ways which i can seed my torrent file without me opening the utorrent
A few of the options among many are:

Pay for a 'seedbox'.

Run a Linux box (Slackware, Centos or RedHat) on your LAN with rTorrent, qBitTorrent, kTorrent, MLDonkey or some other BitTorrent client running on it.

Buy a router/Modem that has an embedded Linux OS and a BitTorrent client (usually rTorrent or kTorrent) running on it, then use a NAS device for data storage.

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