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Invisible Tray Icon Finally SORTED!


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Finally managed to sort out my Utorrent tray icon that was there but invisible?? I know allot of people had this issue and got quite fed up with the fact that nobody took responsibility for it. Anyway I've been using Utorrent for years and only with the last 2-3 updates I started having this issue? It drove me nuts but I finally managed to sort this out! How did I do this?

1) Click start / RUN and type the following text %APPDATA%\

2) Double click on the Utorrent folder

Now have a look if you can find the two icon files there (tray.ico and main.ico) If not, like in my case that was the reason why my tray icon was invisible. The quickest way to fix this is to simply specify your own quick! Where to find cool icons?



Soft Icons


Press WIN + R then type in "%AppData%" in the run command and open the Utorrent folder

your icon must have a size of 16x16 pixels

it must be named tray.ico and main.ico

Save these two files in the folder and this should finally sort out your invisible icons!

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