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Permanent Ratio Display


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Recently I tried a different torrent client and it had a seeded/downloaded ratio on the status bar. The ratio did not reset or forget after a month, it was permanent. I used this client for a few months while you guys worked out some issues in the first 3.x.x releases. During my use I made more of an effort to have a higher ratio and give back to the community. In µTorrent you only see your ratio if you go into the menus. Using the other client, I was always aware. It changed me from only occasionally seeding things very long, to seeding things until I had a 5+ ratio. I felt great about it, and when I cam back to µTorrent I missed that little indicator.

I know that if you add a small ratio indicator to the unused left side of the status bar, and made it not forget and reset, that more people would make this change.

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The global stats does not reset.

You could use another program called NetWorx for detailed statistics, however all usage from all programs will be recorded.

µTorrent statistics:

Uploaded this run: 9.35 GB

Downloaded this run: 632 MB

Uploaded Today: 9.57 GB

Downloaded Today: 945 MB

Transferred last 31 days: 559 GB

Total Uploaded: 89.3 TB

Total Downloaded: 5.45 TB

Total Ratio: 16.387

Total Running Time: 54432:18:51

Number of torrents added: 7042

Program launched: 3578 times

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