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Download Status column missing


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Much searching - Finally found 1 Troubleshooting post - replied.

Later look - topic closed, my reply not shown - no other answers. (???)


All of a sudden, the Status column which showed the percentage of the download is not there. Cannot view it. I found that you can right click on the file and gives you an option to show Download Bar, but I'd like it to be part of the regular columns at top for all. Can thi sbe done? How do I get that back please?


Since install most current UTorrent, now have same problem.

Although status choice appears with RClk in UTorrent display bar, will not activate.

For me, one of the most important information displays.

Often opt out unwanted files when starting torrents. Apparently causes restart problems.

Every reboot, need to determine which torrents must be rechecked and restarted.

Major difficulty now due to external HD failure/recovery.

Also greatly appreciate % status to help follow overall progress current DLs.

Think this may be a new bug. Hope some answer soon.

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Worked. Thank you muchly!

Few minutes to reselect/deselect and position desired fields - no biggy.

I did try FAQs first . If something germane there, guess I didn't use correct search terms.

NOTE: For anyone else who may read this post, "Reset" is bottom-most entry in select menu.

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