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Much below the maximum


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Hello everybody,

Here's what I have problem with: Most of the time when my uTorrent is open I rather upload than download.

I usually upload at an average speed of 6 MB/s. I knew this isn't my highest speed ever registered. It was about 8-9 MB/s. I wondered why I can't keep my maximum speed. It wasn't a big problem to me until today when after a quick pause my speed just exploded up to 11.5 MB/s. I kept uploading at this speed for a few minutes. Unfortunatelly, after a while the speed quickly dropped back down to 6 MB/s. Now the problem seemed bigger. I've read some topics, articles and guides here in the forum, I've done some setting changes (seen in the forum) and after all, I can't see where the problem is. As a matter of fact, I download/upload top 50 torrents only to make sure I always the highest speed possible. I would like to know how to keep my highest speed (if possible) or at least 10-11 MB/s.

P.S. Please, feel free to ask questions, I'm sure I'm not the only one here with such a problem. Thank you in advance!

P.P.S. Sorry for my english ;[

P.P.P.S Upload speeds only.

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Another thing I wanted to say is that when i'm connected through the router, I have no problems. When I use cable only, you see what happens. I'm doing this everyday (swaping from wi-fi (through router) to cabled(directly)) and exactly today this thing appeared.

Link for the image in the last comment ^^^ UP THERE ^^^

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