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uTorrent crashes on Win7x64


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Three version that i have installed uTorrent , then try with old uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302, then 1.8.5 same bug after period of time no matter in taksbar or not the client is not respondig most of the cases i notice when was in taskbar and try to bring to fun but not respond and need to terminate the process throw task manager nad re launch the app. This is hapend on freshly installed os. Security is ok i used it from 2 years - norton internet security 2011. Its not firewall i open all ports for utorrent client, please help me.

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Yep i know. Its crached in 2.2.1 last time and create dump from new ver did't create yet. What is saying the dmp file can you tell me, i mean what is causing this problem?
Okay, so how is a crash dump from a TWO year old version going to help locate problems in a current version???

And have you removed Norton's Interference System yet.?

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Done norton is complete remove, if 24 hours utorrent working without glitch, stuck, freeze (not respond) - norton is blame to.

Nope i don't use router, from 2005 using firewall software and had no problems at all.

Using uTorrent 3.3.2 atm.

p.s. now please can you tell me now about .dmp file what cause i'm pretty sure that isn't norton, using norton with utorrent from years and had even a single problem.

The other problem: i have a little more than 2500 torrents (force seed) (not queue) private trackers and every time i started utorrent its take about prox. 10 minutes to update all trackers and to start a download a new torrent (if i start download throw DHT or public tracker or my native trackers (there a 2) the download begin instant. My isp not cut off connection i set bt.tcp_rate control to false and bt_connect speed set on 15- try with default 7 same situation.

My download speed is 70 Mbps Upload speed 7Mbps.

Is there a something in advanced setting that to speed up this waiting, this tracker updating is drive me crazy and its a long time 10 minutes someting is not right before reinstall my os the download begins maximum about 3 minutes after start utorrent.

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Because want to be active 24/7 and to some torrents i'm only seeder, that i seed when someone want to download

Most of the time its about 20-30 torrents active but want all torrents to be active - force seed not on queue .

or just utorrent can't handle huge amout of active torrents or my internet connection speed?

Maybe some option in advanced setting to deal with the delay "tracker updating" 10 minutes.

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force seed not on queue .

Seeding doesn't have a queue order

or just utorrent can't handle huge amout of active torrents
That's about the size of it, uTorrent never has been a real workhorse, ver 2.2 would become 'clunky' at around 150 - 180 active jobs.

If you want a heavy duty client you should run kTorrent or rTorrent on a Linux box, that also frees you from the caching problems that Windows has with applications that can have a lot of file handles open.

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