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Conduit removal


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I uninstalled utorrent 3.3.1 but Conduit is still on my system.

It seems the uninstall package does not work appropriately.

Please advice me how I can remove every trace conduit has left on my system.

Registry, files etc and what I need to do.

thx for a great product that I have had much benefit of in the past.

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make sure you uninstall any relevant programs from add/remove programs under the control panel. Then I would suggest downloading, installing and using the scan feature in malwarebytes to remove the several hundred "support" (read, make it difficult to uninstall the spyware) files. It will remove a bunch of the crap that the installs leave behind. Unfortunately, you then have to manually reset your home pages and the omni-search bars in IE, Chrome and Firefox. It's quite a trial. But hey, according to utorrent, it's not big deal. Everything's on the up and up here, right guys? Uh huh. It's amazing anyone has had any trouble at all with such straightforward business practices.

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